Thursday, August 13, 2015

SURFS UP for the CHILDREN #5! It's All about the Smiles!

Nothing warms your heart like a child's smile....
Our Community is blessed with a Giver of Smiles!
Debbie Carnohan and the Pelicano Hotel go the extra mile to give back to the community by hosting charitable events to raise money for the children of our community and adjoining communities.  Her dedication to the SURFS UP surfing contest not only raises money for this great cause but it also gives the youth in our area an opportunity to shine and achieve recognition for their love of surfing.  And those that excel walk away with well deserved cash and prizes.  It is always a fun day at the Pelicano!

The smiles were abundant on this day after hosting several events and enough funds were raised to
buy and deliver the playground equipment for the Playa Bejuco and Palo Seco schools.  Debbie also put together some super stuffed book bags filled with school supplies!  It was an exciting day!
See for yourselves....

Her goal was reached!  
Special Thanks to Debbie, her amazing crew and All of the Contributors!
But this girl was not ready to quit...  
The fundraising continues! 

2015 AUGUST 23RD
Starting at 7:00 am

"We are trying to raise $3500.00 again to give to more local schools playgrounds also I want to spend some of the funds for other PE equipment. You don't have to be present to help with this we will be offering a auction for some weekend places to stay here in the local area. So all my friends please help me to help the children in my area have a better learning education remember these are the children that will one day be important people for there community. So any and all support will not go unnoticed.
Pura Vida (Pure Life)"      ~ Debbie Carnohan

So come on out to the Pelicano Hotel on August 23rd to join Debbie, Mikey & Diana and the Pelicano crew to support this amazing event that keeps on giving!  
Pura Vida to the Children and their Smiles! 

Check out the Facebook Event 
for the upcoming event@
"Like" their Page on Facebook 
to keep up with their progress and events
SURFS UP for the CHILDREN  Community

Photos compliments of Debbie Carnohan

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Here Comes Summer!

 Summer . . .
That warm, sunny time of year when you hit the beach, take long walks in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

Summer in Costa Rica is the High Season.  A time when the many downpours of rain come to a halt and the misty dampness in the air turns into hot blistery sunny days where you seek shelter from the sun instead of the rain.

"But it is always warm in Costa Rica" ... you say.  

Well yes, in many areas it stays very comfortable year round but the Green Season rains add a coolness to the air and the temps are a bit lower.  It is a time of year when you take to your hammocks with a good book and enjoy the sound of the rain on the clay tile roof and listen to the birds singing.  A time when you get use to the sudden surprise of the loud clash of thunder and amazing thunderbolts that light up the sky. A time when the rains come down so fast and with such force that the creeks and rivers rise and the mud slides off the mountains.  And as suddenly as it came it comes to a halt and the sun shines brightly and the clear sky's return as if nothing ever happened.  

.... but the rich lush greenery all around reminds you that it did.

As we bid farewell to the rains and welcome in the High Season we are excited to recall the many activities and fun filled days that are a big part of this joyful time when many friends bid farewell to the cold and the snow in the North and return to Costa Rica to bask in the hot sunshine and enjoy their little slice of Paradise! 

Our sleepy little village of Bejuco comes alive with the sounds of music and chatter as everyone gathers together to visit, share the holidays and to begin this "Summer" time of Sunday Fundays on the playa, BBQ's,  potluck dinners,  hikes through the rain forest to majestic waterfalls and magical nights on the town dining out in the many restaurants nearby.  

So as we say goodbye to the rains and begin the sunny days ahead we WELCOME the return of old friends and look forward to the promise of many new friends to come!

. . . and That is PURA VIDA!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wrestling Cocodrilos!

WOW!  How did you get in here?
But the real question was...   How are we going to get you  OUT?

It was one of those lazy days when ICE had given us notice that the power would be out all morning so we were making plans for other things to do when our friend Carlos one of the Security Guards stopped in the driveway and told us there was a GRANDE Cocodrilo in Costa del Sol!
Well that certainly sounded like an extra curricular activity that might keep us occupied until our power came back on!  So off we went to check it out.

WOW!  When he said Grande he was NOT kidding!
When we arrived at the end of 2nd Avenue we were greeted by one HUGE Cocodrilo!
And he was not a happy camper...

It was pretty clear that he had found his way in but was very upset that he could not find his way back out.  It seems there was a low spot in the fence where he fit through and must have meandered along the fence line and then could not find the door to get back to his sanctuary in the Rio that borders that side of the community.  He was currently in the common area and we certainly did not want him to find his way into anyone's yard!

Can you imagine opening the front door to be looking into the beady eyes of this giant lizard?!  Hey, we have adjusted well to the large iguanas that lounge around in the sun and the Jesus Christ lizards that take up residence in our back yard but the cocodrilos can just keep their man eating selves in the rivers and parks!



Our Knights in Yellow Armor arrived soon after and went busily to work with their chore of removing this Big Boy to another safe haven where he could resume a more natural diet!
As the news spread to the neighbors and renters enjoying a vacation at the beach the crowd began to grow and they had an excited audience to watch them master the capture.  After some angry snaps with those big strong jaws they were able to lasso this massive creatures mouth and drag him to a an area where they could wrestle him into captivity Tico Crocodile Dundee style!
Well, I am not sure that Dundee would have used PVC Pipe and Duct Tape but it sure worked well on this day!  Down for the count and the Bomberos won the match!

The next step was to decide what to do with him now that he was caught!
After a few minutes on the phone they announced that the Croc would be taken to the Si Como No Resort in Manuel Antonio and placed in their Wildlife Refuge!  How cool is that? 
We were happy to hear that it would not be hurt and would be taken to a safe place similar to its current environment.  We even had a few who offered some loving touches and prayers over this amazing creature of nature.  And out of curiosity we had Carlos one of the Ticos check to see if our visitor was actually a male or a female and he proudly announced that it was a GIRL!  He also mentioned that he had seen to small crocs over the fence in the river near where she was and that they were probably her babies.  I am thinking we need to fix that low spot before those little guys grow bigger and find their way in!

Soon after the decisions were made the Policia arrived with a truck to haul her away but the space in the back was not BIG enough!  One of our CDS residents offered his pickup truck to deliver the croc to it's new home and the Bomberos were happy to accept to get her out of the sun and bondage and off to her new home.  We called in all the Big Boys that were in the area to help load her up into the truck bed and the onlookers all waved their farewells to the unwelcome visitor.

They ended up taking her to the Bomberos station in Parrito where they put her in the floor where the firetruck usually resides and hosed her down with some refreshing water to make her feel better until the rescue team would arrive to take her.  How exciting to know that we could actually go to the resort and see her again!  I hope she will be happy in her new tropical home!

 Gracias Bomberos!
Special Thanks to Pedro Quiros, Alvaro Aguirre and Fabian Fallas
with the Parrita Bomberos!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pelicano Surfs UP for the Children Series 2!

What to do... What to do...

Get ready for some FUN!
The Pelicano is getting it's
Let's Party for Charity MoJo 
on for the 2nd Series of

Surfs UP for the Children!

Hotel Pelicano ~ Esterillos Este
August 23rd 2014
WOW!  $800 Cash Prize! 
Win a New Surfboard!

 They are also adding a Fun New Event 
to the Surf Competition 
for all the Bikers!

Sign Up!  Ride for the Cause!
and Get the T-Shirt!
 Check out the Event Page for each of these on Facebook!

Come on out and support this great cause to raise 
$3500 for much needed playground equipment
for Bejuco and Palo Seco Schools!

Fire up those ovens to donate your finest baked goods to the Bake Sale, offer your goods for the Raffles, Sign up to participate in the Surfing and Biking and open your Pocketbooks to donate!  But most of all Join in the Fun and Get the Spirit of GIVING!  Your heart will be glad you did!

To all he Winners of the 1st SURFS UP Series
Thank You to all for making a success of the contest!

1. Avan Ramirez
2. Tommy Odan
3. Cabnel Chacàn
1. Andre Charcón
2.Durlan Medina
3. Alejandro Garro
4. Bryan Trejos
1. Anthony Segura
2. Tyler Lawrence
3. Jairo Salazar
4. Dennis Leon a Special thanks


For More Info get in touch with those 

Big Hearted Guys

 at the Hotel Pelicano!

PHONE     2778-8105

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Take a Detour to the Side Street Sandwich Bar & Bistro!

Pura Vida is a detour from daily activities to the Side Street Bistro to break bread with friends and delight your taste buds with some delicious Gourmet Sandwich fare made with the finest deli meats & cheeses nestled between yummy fresh breads baked daily in the brick ovens. 

Portobello, Tuna Melt, Egg Salad
Chicken, Mahi Mahi, Pastrami, Cuban, Turkey, Shrimp, Reuben, Philly Cheese Steak, Sausage, BBQ Pulled Pork, Root Beer Roast Beef, Tuna Steak accompanied by a tasty side or maybe the Soup of the Day or the Apple Almond Salad topped off with Chicken or Fish?  Whatever your selection you will not be disappointed!

 And be sure and ask about their daily Homemade Sweet Treats!  When we were there they were making up some of the biggest cookies I have ever seen!  I am sure that when they went into the oven they smelled as heavenly as they looked! 

Our friends Danny & Katie have been working hard to make this new sister addition to Graffiti Restro Cafe + Wine Bar a huge success and are very excited about the new Nano Brew Beer Closet and Garden.  What a great place this will be to go and unwind while enjoying some tasty beer and some yummy Bocas while relaxing and chilling in this cool, open air jungle atmosphere.  You will also enjoy a stroll through the Herb Garden that is manicured to perfection to provide the chef with fresh herbs right from the garden when preparing your culinary delight!  

We had a GREAT time and look forward to coming back for MORE!  
Be sure and click the link below to check out and "LIKE" their Facebook Page for daily specials and info on music nights in the garden!